(13th Edition)

Dance For Peace Festival is a yearly psychedelic trance gathering dedicated to raising the awareness of peace. Celebrating the divine blessing of Life and Love.

A magical festival focused on healing, sharing, bringing people together to manifest and co-create a trans-formative experience through music, dance & art.

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Dance For Peace Festival 2017 will be staged on the magical “island of the gods” that is Bali. Now in our 13th cycle, we once again welcome you to this creative force…

The festival will feature some of the very same world class talents that grace the biggest festivals globally today. The very same talents in decorating and some of the best fire dancers, video artistes and performers all to be experienced within an intimate setting.

    You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in dance, in art and in knowledge sharing workshops. Indulge in flavorful healthy foods, beverages and treats. Experience the local cultures and crafts. There will be a creative bazaar with local and international vendors selling their wears, exotic tea stalls, play space for little kids, loads of amazing music and love.

    Those of you who have journeyed with us, we welcome you back and to those joining us for the first time we welcome you! There are no strangers here. We look forward to hugging and dancing with you soon!

    Getting To The Festival

    The festival is accessible by car or motorbike and the roads are well paved. If you are traveling from Kuta or Ubud, it will take around 2 to 2.5 hours driving. The roads will take you through some of the most breath taking rice field views in Bali – along the way will be some waterfalls which are easily accessible by those inclined. Location to be announced soon.

    For those who require transportation, a shuttle bus service will be available to take you directly to the festival from two conveniently located pick up points in Coco Mart, Jalan Hanoman Ubud and Starbucks, Dewi Sri, Sunset Road, Kuta.

    • Pick up time table: September 21 at 09:00 AM and 14:00 PM
    • Drop off time table: September 24 at 13:00 PM and 17:00 PM

    Book your direct shuttle bus to the festival along with psychedelic pre-party road trip!

      Camping Village

      We encourage you to bring your own tent but if you don’t have one we’ll have tents you can rent. As the event is held during the dry season, we expect good weather but some short rain could occur at the end of each day. Also, at an elevation of 644m, the nights may get a little chilly so do bring some warm clothes and a jacket.

      The site has been prepared to comfortably accommodate our campers within the venue’s lush coffee plantations. Hammocks are welcome and will also be on sale. Bring what you need to make your campsite comfortable and feel free to decorate your space in an Eco-friendly way. Trash bags will be available but learn to be neutral ;). Please separate your organic and non-organic trash. Bins will be provided for disposal. 
Ample toilets and bathroom facilities are available without charge.

      Book a Tent
      We can provide a pleasant camping experience for you during the festival with our tent package. The package is for 3 days and includes two sleeping bags, mattresses and two pillows. These will be set up for you if you pre-book and you only need to move right in. Enjoy camping under a carpet of stars!

        Alternative Accommodations

        You will be able to find a range of resorts with villas, home stays and rooms for rent within a 10 km range from the festival grounds and further out with prices for all budgets. It is advisable to book ahead especially for families with kids that are too young to camp.

        If you are traveling in a group of 3 or more and need special accommodation, you can book a room at Sanda Boutique Villas organized by No-Location. The price is for 3 nights include breakfast for two people, air-conditioning rooms, hot and cold shower and a swimming pool.

        • TICKET TO THE MOON single and double hammocks will be on sale at the festival gate at a special discounted price. Get them early as stocks are limited. (They usually sell out fast!)
        • SPACE TRIBE backdrops that are part of the decor will be available for sale after the festival at insanely low prices. Please book them early at the festival office by leaving a deposit for it. The deposit will be refundable if any damage should be found on the merchandise.


        • Remember to bring sun protection and to keep yourself well hydrated at all times.
        • Charging stations for your appliances will be provided at a few identified locations.
        • All vendors transact in cash only and in the local currency (Indonesian Rupiah). Limited ATM machines can be found 10 minutes from the venue.
        • Any parties or individuals involved in actions of violence or interference to the event will be asked to leave.
        • A total ban on any open fire is enforced throughout the festival. The dry season poses severe fire risk
          Camping area, showers and toilets are provided free of charge, please be mindful of your water consumption and keep the facilities clean so others may enjoy them.
        • Do not leave any rubbish behind your camp site. Trash bags will be provided to all campers. Trash deposit points for organic and non-organic waste will also be available and clearly marked out for your use. Please separate your trash accordingly.
        • As much as we are all one tribe, be careful and safe with your personal belongings. The organizers will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of property.
        • Kids are welcomed but should remain supervised at all times. Please keep them safe! Kid Space is an activity area and NOT a childcare nursery.
        • Musical instruments are welcome if they do not pose a nuisance to your neighbors.
        • Please maintain the peace within the camping grounds; no personal sound systems will be allowed unless used with headphones.
        • Consumption of drugs or any other illegal substances at the event is prohibited. Indonesia has very strict laws against it.
        • First Aid is available 24hrs at the Healing Space. Serious cases will be referred to medical clinics on standby for the event. (Transit time is approximately 15 minutes)
        • We reserve the right to search all bags upon entry for security reasons. No dangerous articles or nuclear weapons will be allowed inside festival grounds.
        • Food and beverages will be on sale throughout the event, please do not bring any outside food or beverages into the event.
        • The organizers reserve the right to change the program without prior notice and to refuse entry at their discretion.
        • The organizers and the location owner will not be held responsible for any loss of property, injuries or accidents. We are all responsible for ourselves.


        • Respect the environment and Mother Nature. Help us try achieve a close to zero foot print goal.
        • Bring the minimum of non organic packaging.
        • Non organic waste will be recycled as much as possible and organic waste will be composted on site.
        • Use the trash bags and bins provided. Personal ashtrays are welcome and bamboo ashtrays will be provided at the main areas. Please refrain from littering.

        Enjoy this beautiful island and let’s dance together for peace !